Presentación Técnica

17:00-18:30 Miércoles 7 de julio de 2010 (Aula de Grados)

Advanced instrumentation for design, debugging, analysis and measurements in the modern switching power systems


Mr. John Marrinan

AFC Ingenieros - Tektronix


Resumen: Working on a switch mode power supply and power electronics engineer has become quite challenging. Stringent efficiency and performance requirements, along with increasing power density, all contribute to a variety of measurement and analysis challenges. Faster switching speeds of modern power semiconductors add to the challenge of making accurate voltage and current measurements, followed by tedious calculations for a sophisticated analysis.

This seminar looks at issues around essential measurements such as Turn-on/Turn-off losses, Safe Operating Area and Dynamic ON resistance. Magnetic components, when subjected to high switching frequencies, also play an important role in the performance of power electronics systems. Issues associated with inductance measurements and evaluating magnetic properties and magnetic power losses are examined. Input/Output Analysis measurements such as Ripple, Current Harmonics, Power Quality, and Compliance needs are also discussed.