The Annual Seminar on Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation, SAAEI, is an annual conference that in its 2024 edition (SAAEI2024) will be held for the first time in Granada.

This event aims to be a forum where specialists and researchers from universities, research centers and companies can share the results of their work, exchange ideas and form consortia with which to undertake future projects with greater efficiency and impact.

The conference has an international scope open to researchers from all over the world. Although the majority of attendees are from Spain and the language of most of the works presented is Spanish, there are also attendees from other nations, the presence of Latin Americans being representative, and it has been held on several occasions in cities outside the territory. national.

The conference is organized by thematic areas that try to organize the papers presented, to group together researchers working in the same fields, facilitating the stated objective of exchanging ideas and disseminating research results. It thus aims to be a more dynamic and interactive means of disseminating results than mere dissemination in a written medium. In this way, the enrichment of the knowledge base is guaranteed.

The conference program presents the following main thematic areas:

  • Power converters: devices, topologies and control techniques.
  • Instrumentation and measurement systems. Sensor networks.
  • Applications in electrical energy systems.
  • Electronics for energy storage.
  • Technological applications. Biomedical engineering. Industry 4.0. Digital twin.
  • Electrical mobility. Electric vehicle.
  • Smart grids. Smart cities. IoT.
  • Educational applications.

These Thematic Areas vary from edition to edition, adapting to the specific characteristics of the organizing entity. Each of the thematic areas is coordinated by several researchers, who also organize the review process, selecting and assigning reviewers who rate the articles according to the criteria established in the meetings of the Permanent Committee of the conference.

Each article sent to the congress is evaluated by three reviewers (thus meeting the most demanding requirements to guarantee their quality), who score it so that the coordinators of the thematic areas can issue a report to the organizing committee about its inclusion. in the conference program. The evaluation process works correctly and the perception of the SAAEI as a quality congress in its field is recognized nationally.

Since its first edition, which was held in 1994 in Tarragona, the conference has established itself as a leading national forum in its field, achieving a very high impact of the works presented therein. The venue of the congress varies from year to year, with the attempt to ensure that it is held in all places where there is a research group on the topic of the conference, and thus achieve the effective integration of all the groups that work in the same field, thus strengthening its character as a national reference.

Previous conference venues

Also, it is the objective of the conference, once it has achieved its maturity and stability, to increase its influence beyond the national context, which is why, as indicated, it has been held on several occasions outside of Spain. Objective that will surely guide its evolution in the following editions, always without losing its national roots on which its stability is based.